Specialist Engineering & Design Consultancy

SpaTech is a one-stop-shop for the construction of any spa

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SpaTech is a specialist engineering and design consultancy for spas: whether city spas, resort spas, or destination spas, SpaTech guides its clients through every phase of planning, designing, engineering, construction, and commissioning. Our goal is to help investors take the right decisions at every step of the way, while doing all the hard work ourselves: designing a business plan that fits the proposed site and character of the facility, identifying the most appropriate operators from the Greek and international market, producing the architectural and interior design for the entire project, engineering every aspect of the spa from the structural, electrical and mechanical point of view, sourcing all the furniture, fitting, and equipment, and then making sure that the entire thing is handed over in a smooth and effective manner.

Specialist Engineering & Design Consultancy

Fotis S. Kokotos
Environmental Engineer, MSc

Porto Elounda, Crete 7253? - Greece
T +30.6944.537778 F +30.28410.68069